About us

“Dowry” was founded in 2017 to source and sell beautiful vintage textiles found in rural Transylvania, Romania. These textiles were made by hand about a century ago using traditional techniques from growing the hemp and flax on family farms to the intricate processes of spinning, weaving, and embroidering.

Our vintage linens were originally made for everyday personal use and for the dowry of village girls. So much
embroidery and woven fabric was made in those days that even now, a century later, we can find treasures in remote villages of these regions.

We collect and work with these beautiful old textiles designing products that are both decorative and useful in today’s modern home.

Our mission is to make costumers appreciate the knowledge and hard work of our ancestors and to bring awareness about these ancient techniques while reusing old materials.

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Proiect finanţat cu fonduri europene nerambursabile prin Programul Naţional de Dezvoltare Rurală (PNDR).

Programul Naţional de Dezvoltare Rurală este implementat de Agenția pentru Finanțarea Investițiilor Rurale, din subordinea Ministerului Agriculturii și Dezvoltării Rurale. PNDR este finanţat de Uniunea Europeană şi Guvernul României prin Fondul European Agricol pentru Dezvoltare Rurală.